What’s News?

The Almanor Post  is an in-depth news source for the Almanor Basin, as it relates to Plumas County.  It provides the means to “get the word out” in a way that is fluid and living.  You will find information on long term/continuing issues such as Climatology, Water (water quality, availability, legal rights, etc), Forestry and more, in real time.

As an example;  the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license to PG&E for operation at Lake Almanor (Project 2105) has been a long time issue that is apparently about to emerge from a period of relative quiet to intense activity.  The Almanor Post provides me the ability to keep you informed as review of the Environmental Impact Report and preferred alternatives for cooling waters of the Feather River downstream emerge.  We anticipate that the report will be released shortly, with a review and comment period of approximately 90 days.  It will be crucial to have timely, factual information out to you during this comment period.

The Almanor Post  will be featuring articles by contributors knowledgeable in their fields on array of topics.  For example, I frequently receive questions, and comments, regarding water rights and the laws that govern those rights.  I will be posting articles on this subject as the battle for water becomes more intense in what is looking like a critically dry year (or continuing drought). Information on long range climatology does not indicate there will be much improvement in the future, suggesting we should anticipate this to be a long and rapidly changing battle.

We are fast approaching our 2016/2017 Budget – due June 30, 2016. Once again, The Almanor Post gives me the venue to discuss how and why budget decisions are made, keeping you informed as to what the County is doing with your tax dollars.

Forest Management Plans for Plumas and Lassen National Forest have been a continuing concern.   A lot of work has been going on as representatives from both Plumas and Butte Counties have been attempting to work with the Plumas National Forest Supervisors and USFS Pacific Southwest Region (Region 5) to come to agreement that would allow access to roads on our public lands.  Much more will be taking place in the near future on this subject.  I will use The Almanor Post as a forum to keep you abreast of changes as they arise.

The above is merely a glimpse of the broad spectrum of topics that will be addressed in The Almanor Post .  For the most part, they are not glamorous, but extremely important.

I urge you to check back often, as most of the topics presented are quite dynamic in nature.  Now, more than ever, it is critically important that we remain aware of issues, decisions and the potential impact upon our lives; be informed.

Please use The Almanor Post to aid in that education.