Gary Freeman

Gary J. Freeman has been with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) since 1971. He is currently Principal Hydrologist and Manager overseeing PG&E’s Water Management Team, a position he has held since 1998. He has published approximately 30 technical papers on hydroelectric and reservoir operations, aquifer outflow, climate change, climate and analysis of flow measurement error. He recently received the 2011 Clark Environmental Leadership Award, PG&E’s highest environmental award for his work that measured the impact of global warming on PG&E managed watersheds. Mr. Freeman received a Master of Science degree in Watershed Management and Hydrology in 1971 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management/Biology in 1966 from Humboldt State University.

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Gary Freeman is by far the most informed source of information on the climatology of the Northern Sierra / Cascade Watersheds, particularly ours, the Feather River Watershed. Mr. Freeman is widely published and easily searched on the web. I have selected a few of particular interest below.


2002 – Freeman – Looking for Recent Climatic Trends & Patterns in California’s Central Sierra

2011 – Freeman – Climate Change and the Changing Water Balance for California’s North Fork Feather River

2012 – Freeman – Analyzing the Impact of Climate Change on Monthly River Flows in California’s Sierra Nevada and Southern Cascade Mountain Ranges

2014 – Freeman – California Drought – Dealing with Extreme Dryness from a Hydroelectric Planning Perspective – 82nd Annual Proceedings of the Western Snow Conference

2014 – Freeman – Some Hydrometeorological Effects of Climate Change for the North Fork of the Feather River Headwater Drainage with Focus on the Lake Almanor and East Branch Subbasins