USFS “Enterprise Teams”

Following a great deal of discussion and expressed concerns related to USFS employing “Enterprise Teams” to prepare the documentation in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Plumas National Forest Supervisor Earl Ford provided the following:

“The Enterprise Program is a permanent Forest Service program started in 1998. Enterprisers are Forest Service employees dedicated to improving the way government does business. With Enterprise, you only pay for the time you need. Enterprise staffs are flexible, mobile, and offer skills to match your program or project needs– whether it’s a gap to be filled on a specific team or taking on a project from start to finish.

Since 1998, a group of U.S. Forest Service employees have provided a variety of services at competitive prices within the agency. They are part of a program that is rather unique within the federal government, the Forest Service Enterprise Program. The Program began as an experiment and now is a permanent, nationwide program within the Forest Service.”

For additional information: Forest Service Enterprise Program